Pepe’s Bistro was opened in July 2008 to share a passion for healthier food & lifestyle by having an ever changing menu prepared using fresh, local organic ingredients as much as possible ,and being an advocate for bicycling.

Saturday Oct 25th

HoursĀ  11-4

~~This weeks local food is sourced from Jisa’s Cheese, Open Harvest Grocery Store,Rancho El Milagro,Marlene’s tortilleria.~~


Sweet potato wrap 7~
Flour tortilla layered with baked sweet potato black bean sweet pepper onion local organic greens pico de gallo and pomegranate vinaigrette. Served with house made chips.*Leave tortilla off for a great salad.
Bean Rice & Cheese Burrito 4~
Flour tortilla stuffed with black beans rice and beer chedder.
Burrito Supremo 8~
Large flour tortilla stuffed with black beans rice sour cream herb roasted potato zucchini onion tomato cheese.Topped with ranchero sauce.Served with local organic greens.
Tomato Coconut Squash Soup 3~

Drinks 2.00
Coffee/Tea/Hot tea (mint, chamomile, English breakfast)
Cucumber lemonade/Cherry limeade( made from scratch using fresh fruit and vegetables with organic sugar and/or organic agave nectar)

Dessert 4.00 Banana Chimichanga .

Layered Queso Dip served with 3 flour tortillas 4~
Chips & Salsa 3~ con guacamole 6~
Side salad 3~